Welcome to My Risk Assessment!


The purpose of My Risk Assessment is to help nonprofit leaders and risk champions:

  1. Identify the risks their agencies face
  2. Note gaps in existing risk management strategies
  3. Obtain specific advice to strengthen risk identification and risk management

Use My Risk Assessment to create a team to rank the top risks facing your nonprofit. The Risk Ranking feature of My Risk Assessment is a powerful tool for gathering input on critical exposures. The account administrator is able to see a list of participating team members and the aggregate ranking of risks, but not individual rankings. The administrator may also add risks to the list. 

Use the 13 modules in the Assessment portion of My Risk Assessment to uncover gaps in your risk management processes and strategies. Each module poses questions about your nonprofit's operations and policies. As you answer questions, a profile of your organization will be created within the application. Once you've complete a module, you'll be able to generate an Executive Summary or full Report with targeted risk advice from the experts at the Nonprofit Risk Management Center. Share your Executive Summary or full Report with team members to support the evolution of risk management capacity at your nonprofit. 

If have questions about any aspect of My Risk Assessment or experience technical difficulty before or after logging in, contact the Nonprofit Risk Management Center for help. The NRMC team can be reached via email 24/7: info@nonprofitrisk.org or during business hours at 703.777.3504. Technical assistance is available free to My Risk Assessment subscribers, as well as Affiliate Members of NRMC. To learn more about Affiliate Member benefits, visit www.nonprofitrisk.org/affiliates.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of My Risk Assessment and its features.